Combine Targeted Advertising with Segmentation for the Most Effective Strategy to Increase Conversions

Combine Targeted Advertising Combined with Segmentation for the Most Effective Strategy to Increase Conversions

This should be the year to embrace the power of targeted advertising and segmented ad campaigns. Although these strategies have existed for a while now, the powerful combination isn’t widespread.

Segment your targets into leads, current customers, and previous customers. Create Lookalike Audiences (Facebook/LinkedIn/AdWords, etc) off of the combined list for a fourth segment. Now, create four different ad campaigns (complete with their own headlines, graphics, and landing pages) speaking directly to each of those segments.

Why Marketing is Important to Your Small Business

Everyone knows they need marketing, but many small business owners have different ideas on what that is, or how much it should cost, or how to gauge if it’s working or not. How great would it be to have a clear understanding of what marketing can do for your small business, and how to track and gauge it’s success? Well, that’s easy…just keep reading!

BMW Checkmates Audi with Some Billboard Fun

BMW Checkmates Audi

This has to be one of the best advertisements of all time. It’s the rare and perfect example of the right ad for the right response with the right placement. The stars align only so often, and for this situation they aligned perfectly for BMW.

Right here in Los Angeles, Audi threw down the advertising gauntlet and challenged BMW to respond to the all new Audi A4. Audi claimed that it was a step up from BMW. “Your move, BMW,” read the billboard on the Sunset Strip, and featured an all black Audi A4 against a clean white background. Oh, yeah. It was on now. S#!t just got real up in here…as the kids say.

One of the local BMW dealerships saw the billboard and responded perfectly and with finality. Santa Monica BMW secured billboard space near the Audi billboard and placed an all white BMW against a jet black background and simply put the word, “Checkmate.”

Indeed. Game Over.

Circle Marketing Featured on the L.A. Business Spotlight Podcast [AUDIO]

Circle Marketing on LA Business Spotlight

Joel Metzer of the L.A. Business Spotlight Podcast sat down recently with Circle Marketing’s Louis Tanguay to discuss some tips and hints for Small Business Marketing success. Their interview can be heard

How Oreo Won The Super Bowl

It was right after half time. What was apparently a blow-out game just got worse for the San Francisco 49ers as the Baltimore Ravens returned the opening kick-off of the second half of Super Bowl XLVII to take a 28-6 lead over the 49ers. Then, a bigger blow out occurred.

13 for 2013 – 13 Ways to a Bigger Business in 2013

Circle Marketing co-hosted one monster marketing webinar a month or so back to prep small businesses for the new year (2013) with 13 different ways any small business could start effecting positive change and massive revenue growth over the following 12 months. This was for Broadcast Louder’s Creativity + Abundance 2.0 series. Talk about creativity in abundance, well, the collaboration resulted in an incredible two-hours of jam-packed and useful information. Yes. Two hours and it’s all free!

Many people have paid hundreds of dollars for webinars like this, but Circle Marketing and Broadcast Louder figured putting together this free 2-hour class would help Small Business owners kick off the new year on the right foot!

Click here to watch the webinar, but get a notepad ready because there’s a TON of information to help your business grow!

For those who want to move at their own pace, and prefer to have PDF’s instead of watch videos, please feel free to download the supplemental ebook by joining our email list below:

13 for 2013 - Small Business Marketing Tips eBook

Top 5 Ideas to Grow Your Business

Top 5 Ideas to Grow Your BusinessYou need some fresh ideas on how to grow your business, right? Well you have come to the right place! We will focus on the very top 5 things you can be doing right away to start increasing that bottom line and widening your profit margins as your business grows. Let’s get right into it!

Split Testing Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

When you launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Campaign, you should do split testing. What split-testing means is creating more than one version of your ads, which run concurrently. One ad will probably perform better than the others, and you can adjust a campaign accordingly, as you analyze the effectiveness of each ad version. Differences in the split test could be different messaging, different headers, different images, depending on your strategy and what you’re offering.