Our Process

Circle Marketing Process

Circle Marketing offers a very focused, personalized approach to your business, to ensure we’re representing the touchstone of your brand and to correctly target the right audience to bring you optimal results. Our team works side-by-side with your team with the following 3-step method:

Step 1: Discovery & Strategy

We aren’t a cookie-cutter marketing agency. We need to conduct a deep dive into your history. We research your business, your competitors, and your industry (many of our team members are experienced in a wide range of industries, on a global scale.) We look at the opportunities and limitations, and the obstacles and possibilities that we can expertly exploit and manipulate to bring successful, long-term results.

Step 2: Implementation

Talk is cheap. Action speaks. Once a plan and a course of action have been created it’s time to execute it with the right materials and medium, to maximize exposure and ROI.

Step 3: Reports & Refinement

Instead of just calling it a day, we have to check the work make sure it’s correct.  This involves submitting the work to search engines for crawling and indexing, studying analytics and response, and following up with a 360° report post-launch to make sure the plan is effective, even after the QA/QC phase.

We would love to walk you through this process, so fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you with your small business marketing needs!