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Circle Marketing Team

Circle Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising agency which was formed in mid-2010 by Managing Director, Louis Tanguay. The big problem we helped to correct was helping small businesses get through the recession. As Full-Service Marketing Agency, we can provide any and every marketing and advertising need any small business has. We specialize in increasing your bottom line through effective and efficient marketing strategies, growing awareness, and increasing word-of-mouth and retention rates.
We help small businesses, brands, and personalities through website design and development, advertising, promotional videos, social media marketing, and much much more.

Circle Marketing doesn’t have “clients.” Rather, we think of them more as “partners,” since our success depends solely on YOUR SUCCESS.

Success Stories:

In our Portfolio and Case Studies section, you can see everything we’ve done, our thought processes, and what the results were. We focus on only working with the best potential clients and customers, because we feel as if our clients and customers are “partners” with us, because…they are. We don’t just work with any business. If your business can’t be improved by our services, or there’s a better fit elsewhere, we have no hesitation letting you know. Likewise, if you are a great fit for our company, then we won’t let you down. Your success is our walking and talking business card.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…Make Us PROVE IT!

Talk is cheap. Action speaks. I think that’s a saying. If not, then it is now! Any business can talk a big game and show you a portfolio full of pretty pictures. Circle Marketing, however, focuses on marketing as it’s most important to YOU…as a driver and catalyst to create a more successful business. But…like the header reads…Don’t take our word for it, contact us right now and let’s see where we can start proving it for you!

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