Grow Your Business 30%…or More!

Grow Your Business 30% - Or More!

Our Managing Director, Louis Tanguay, has started a marketing column on the Business publication “California Business Journal.” Louis will be contributing regularly there, and all articles written for the CBJ will be linked to from our blog. This way, you can come back here to read our organic posts, as well as see what’s new across the board.

The maiden article is a take on Jay Abraham’s “3 Ways to Grow Any Business.” Jay Abraham is a marketing legend and borrowing from one of the best is still pretty darn good. Allen Iverson didn’t invent the cross-over, he just did it superbly. OK, whether you’re a basketball fan or not, let’s move on to the article…

To read the article, check out “How to Increase Your Business 30%…or More” at the California Business Journal!

How to Create FUN and EFFECTIVE Web Promo Videos [VIDEO]

This blog is brought to us by the great marketing mind of Renae Christine, from, and many others. This “Mompreneur” has created dozens of successful businesses for herself and others. With kids in tow, Renae couldn’t keep up with the demand for her help, and could no longer help everyone she loved –and she loves everyone. Thus, Renae started a Rich Mom YouTube Channel where she can help others start and expand their businesses en masse! Subscribe to her daily, funny 2-minute videos at Thanks, Renae, for your “awesome sauce” and very helpful video!

10 Essential SEO Tips & Tricks

10 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks

We all want to rule Google and Bing, right? We all want to be in the Top 3 results for all of our desired KeyWords, right? Well, in order to do that, you’re going to know some essential basics about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This post will give you a mile-high overview of SEO, and get you moving in the right direction. Think of this as a Top 10 Best Practices for how to begin to get those search engine rankings you (and all of your competitors) desire.

Facebook Timeline For Pages is Here – Now How Do You Use It?

Facebook Timeline Overview

It’s a very exciting day for those who focus on the future of Facebook Brand Pages and what this means for doing business and acquiring fans on Facebook. Your Facebook Timeline Page is not a substitute for an actual website for many reasons, but it can be the most effective business tool you have other than your actual website.

With the new Facebook Timeline for Pages, you can actually use Facebook to build what is essentially a mini-site and your own social community. Put up a large photo or graphic which enhances your brand presence, message directly back and forth with your customers, and develop full-size custom areas (called Apps, formerly known popularly as Tabs) which you can use to drive interaction, offers, and many other marketing features.