Circle Marketing Featured on the L.A. Business Spotlight Podcast [AUDIO]

Circle Marketing on LA Business Spotlight

Joel Metzer of the L.A. Business Spotlight Podcast sat down recently with Circle Marketing’s Louis Tanguay to discuss some tips and hints for Small Business Marketing success. Their interview can be heard below, and you can subscribe to the L.A. Business Spotlight Podcast through their iTunes page.

(Note: to listen below, please make sure you allow QuickTime to work and give it a second or two to load…then enjoy!)

In the interview, they go over the Biggest Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses make with their websites and social media; the correct way to go about placing online advertisements; and the important of e-mail marketing. There’s also a bonus segment discussing how The Circle of Marketing keeps all phases of your marketing outreach finely tuned, aligned, and constantly spinning for bigger and bigger revenue! This interview is definitely a must-hear! Enjoy, and please comment below!

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