Combine Targeted Advertising with Segmentation for the Most Effective Strategy to Increase Conversions

Combine Targeted Advertising Combined with Segmentation for the Most Effective Strategy to Increase Conversions

This should be the year to embrace the power of targeted advertising and segmented ad campaigns. Although these strategies have existed for a while now, the powerful combination isn’t widespread.

Segment your targets into leads, current customers, and previous customers. Create Lookalike Audiences (Facebook/LinkedIn/AdWords, etc) off of the combined list for a fourth segment. Now, create four different ad campaigns (complete with their own headlines, graphics, and landing pages) speaking directly to each of those segments.

Here’s a quick tip for each targeted segment:

  • Lookalikes have no idea about your business, so give them a great Value Proposition.
  • For Leads, they know you exist but haven’t converted so give them your best close for what they’re looking for.
  • Next, Current Customers; (depending on your business type) ask for them to either refer a friend for a bonus, introduce a loyalty program to them, or give them an incentive to purchase again.
  • Last one is Previous Customers; look to re-engage them by incentivizing them to return (like the previous example), but speak to them in a very friendly way since they have already gone through the process and experience of working with your business.


These are obviously just the tip of the iceberg for some segments and campaigns you can create. If you embrace the power of combining targeted advertising and segmentation, you can address people’s specific needs and increase your conversions.

As always, you can contact Circle Marketing to discuss the best ways to set up targeted advertising campaigns which have the segmentation and creative which is right for your business.

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