BMW Checkmates Audi with Some Billboard Fun

BMW Checkmates Audi

This has to be one of the best advertisements of all time. It’s the rare and perfect example of the right ad for the right response with the right placement. The stars align only so often, and for this situation they aligned perfectly for BMW.

Right here in Los Angeles, Audi threw down the advertising gauntlet and challenged BMW to respond to the all new Audi A4. Audi claimed that it was a step up from BMW. “Your move, BMW,” read the billboard on the Sunset Strip, and featured an all black Audi A4 against a clean white background. Oh, yeah. It was on now. S#!t just got real up in here…as the kids say.

One of the local BMW dealerships saw the billboard and responded perfectly and with finality. Santa Monica BMW secured billboard space near the Audi billboard and placed an all white BMW against a jet black background and simply put the word, “Checkmate.”

Indeed. Game Over.

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