Tag Lines, Slogans and Messaging…Oh, My!


You should develop a tag line/slogan for your business and/or brand. Your tag line should be more than a catchy saying. It should be a statement and reason WHY your customers should buy from you, trust you, and do business with you either in addition to your competitors, or (hopefully) instead of your competitors. It should be different, somewhat inspirational, and reach out to the emotions your potential customers feel.

Your tag line shouldn’t be passive or weak, like “A Good Place to Sit and Eat.” Yes, a large restaurant diner chain actually used that one. Another doozy comes from a major airline: “We’ll Get You There.” Well, I would sure hope so!

Avoid these problems by making your tag line emotionally impactful. Experiment with having it make a big promise. For example, take FedEx’s tag line, “When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight.” This is a great slogan and pretty much says it all. This tag line indicates that FedEx will ship anything you have, to anywhere you want, without failing you. This speaks to their core customer (businesses who ship products, and who need dependability in their vendors). A business requires reliability in their business partners, because their vendors’ service reflects on their service. This is why businesses have trusted FedEx over most other overnight shippers. FedEx promise big, and they deliver big. Great branding helps you gain trust quicker with potential clients.

Some other great ones are “Lose the Carbs. Not the Taste.” from Michelob Ultra, “Expect More. Pay Less.” from Target, and “Finger-Lickin’ Good!” from KFC. These all speak to the value you will get from their products and services, and what you can expect from being a patron of their business.

Get Started Now: What slogan can your business come up with which will touch the core needs of your customers, put them at ease, and help them feel comfortable using your product or service?

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