Why A Cheap Website Costs You More Money Than A Professionally Designed Website


In this article, I’m going to prove how building a cheap website, or how using a cheap template website is going to cost you way more than just spending a little more money upfront to an expert would cost.

This is something many professional web designers fail to explain properly to their clients and prospective clients, so I hope to help them out a little here, too.

When you get a few quotes for website design, you’re going to notice what could be a wide range of pricing. You may get quotes as high as $10,000 or as low as $500. Why is this? Its usually due to the combination of what you have asked for, how big the company you’re receiving the quite from is or if it’s an individual designer, how experienced the designer is, whether they are going to give you a custom website or just tweak a theme, or even if they’re going to outsource the work to another country. There are many many factors which go into a website quote and it’s important to know that.

Inexpensive Help (aka My Nephew Is Tech Savvy and Can Do My Website)
You may think what you need and want is simple, but might not understand the development complexity of making it simple. On the other hand, your developer might be in experienced (or worse, lazy) and you might not be getting the website with all the optimization, checks, and balances you deserve as a professional business owner. The cheaper designer may not include all the conversion elements necessary to create the maximum opportunity for you to convert visitors into leads or customers. This costs you money.

Let’s say you sell are a yoga studio. When people come to your website, there is no information on classes, or where to get on an e-mail list, or how to purchase retail products like Yoga mats, Yoga blocks, or other items. You are losing potential sales with every visit.

The Template Site
If you think you’re saving major money by just getting a template site. Sounds like a great deal, right? Only $5/month (if that) and you can “do it all yourself” and have your very own website! Now that you have a website you can start getting found on Google and people will start coming to your business! All for under $60 a year! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.

You are most likely not a developer, nor a web designer. Template sites are built with the lowest common denominator in mind. Trying to be all things to all people. 95% of Templates are not designed even for proper optimization or usability. To get a Template website to perform functionally sound and to be optimized for conversion and search results, you’re going to have to hire someone to do some custom CSS coding and add some plug-ins…if the Template even allows that.

When you try to save money, you usually end up paying for it one way or another, so let’s examine how we should do it right.

Pay A Fair Price For A Quality Site
In the grand scheme of things, would you pay $1 for something that would give you anywhere from $2-200 return on that dollar? If you say “no,” then you should rethink being a business owner.   😉

A quality website (ranging from $1,500-5,000, or more if you have a shopping cart or custom elements) is not “expensive.” A quality website which is optimized for top search engine rankings, has social sharing capabilities, and is professionally designed and compatible with all computers and mobile devices is an investment in your business. This is your online storefront.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, did you just get the cheapest possible retail space and not paint the walls or fix the cracked glass? Where you happy to “just have something up?” To use an analogy which applies to most people…when you bought your car did you just get the cheapest car you could find that technically ran, or did you shop around for the best value, safety features, MPG, etc?

Cheap websites will cost you way more in lost business than a quality and professionally-built website would have ever cost you in the first place. Alleviate all the pain and stress you could encounter from a relative with a computer or a computer-generated not-user-friendly template site, and contact a professional marketing agency who can help you create the very best and most efficient site for your business. You’ll thank me later. I promise.

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