5 Other Website Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making


In our earlier article, “Top 5 Website Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making” published a little earlier, we went through the Top 5 Mistakes most websites make. This goes for Small, Medium, and Big Businesses. Having a bigger business still doesn’t mean that a company is hiring the right people who are lead generation and search engine optimization minded. You’re not them, though. Well, not after reading both of these articles, right? Here are 5 more mistakes that we see all the time, and they don’t need to be made. These mistakes are hurting your ability to increase your online presence, your online business, and your ability to gain new clients and ultimately make more money.

1. Ineffective Messaging

  • Failing to understand who the customer truly is…Model your top two customers…create the “person” you’re speaking to
  • Not speaking TO the customer’s needs, only about how great your company is.

2. Poor Content

  • Blog might not exist
  • Blog posts aren’t optimized for keywords
  • Content isn’t fresh
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Having large paragraphs of text, long sentences, or long pages. articles/posts should be 400-750 words, 3-5 visual lines for a paragraph, and about 2-3 paragraphs minimum to 5-6 paragraphs at the very maximum.

3. Not being Mobile-compatible

  • iPads are now in the millions
  • Mobile phones are outselling desktop computers
  • Mobile phone internet usage is surpassing desktop internet usage

4. Unprofessional Design and Branding

  • Lot of dead space
  • No information due to pushing info down on page
  • Poor quality graphics/branding
  • Important content Below the Fold
  • Use of Flash, and (worse) Flash Landing pages.
  • Poor usability and navigation
  • Visitor can’t find what they’re looking for
  • Navigation is hidden, not in the place the user is looking for, or is too clever for it’s own good.
  • No search (if applicable)
  • NEVER have a site’s navigation in Flash
  • Never have auto-play music/sound
  • Poor Conversion/Functionality
  • Children pages are “dead-ends”
  • Remove the clutter, make it simple but not plain, and obvious what action the user should take.

5. Not using a Marketing Company to handle your marketing needs.

  • Trying to do it all yourself takes time to learn, and time away from running your business
  • Just having a web site, but not updating it, creates a “dead” website and google will not give it high rankings
  • Reaching out via social media, posting your articles on Fb, Tw, etc., Consistently creating blog posts, etc will help keep it relevant, fresh, updated, and give it better ranking results from search engines.
  • Experts can help you form a short-term and long-term marketing/growth plan for your company.
  • Experts stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, strategies,tactics, and techniques so you don’t have to. You can spend more time working in your business, like you’re doing now, and know someone is helping you work on your business
  • Hiring someone with the knowledge of how to market your business can cost anywhere from $60,000-$100,000 depending on your market geography and what you require. The cost could be more if you require technical needs, or hire them on staff and need to pay insurance & benefits, etc….while hiring a marketing company can save you $50k-$75k minimum

NOTE: Reminder that this article was essentially a Part 2 to our original “Top 5 Website Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making” article. Please check that out, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading and sharing, we truly and genuinely appreciate all the support.

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