Video Marketing

Web Videos were the “future of marketing,” but now that future is here via Video Marketing. Every day, more and more videos are hitting the web, and less and less people are taking the time to read long blog posts. Through Video Marketing, you’re able to show your company in the best light possible, and can help you connect with your customers and clients, establish your expertise and personality, and put a real live face to your company!

Make A Connection

First thing you need to do when making a Web Video is to make a connection with your audience. Most likely, your audience will be your clients, customers, and fans. Like any advertisement or publicity campaign, know what you want to get from the video. Know what you want your audience to get from the video. Plan a series of videos to help build familiarity, trust, and a connection with your audience so they’ll want to see more videos, and remember your company when it comes time to purchase a product or service which you offer. Your video can also show your expertise, and why you’re different (and better) than your competitors.

Provide Information and Establish Your Expertise

Through Video Marketing, you can provide your future clients with the information they’re looking for. Either your customers are searching for information on a product you sell, or looking for help via some How To videos, or, just looking to learn some new skills and techniques. Different videos can serve different purposes. Circle Marketing can help you decide which are the best kinds of Videos to add to your overall Marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness.

What’s Included When Circle Marketing Shoots Your Videos

Circle Marketing has full production and editing capabilities for your Videos. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose Commercial Advertisement to air on TV and the Web, or an introduction video for your website’s home page, or just a few video blogs to help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and establishing your expertise, Circle Marketing has the writing staff, production crew, and editing/special effects artists to make your Marketing Video the best it can be for any budget, and definitely interesting and exciting for your customers and clients to watch!

Also Available: Business Photography

As an additional service, Circle Marketing provides our Small Business clients with professional still Photography services in addition to our Video Marketing services. Having professional photos shot of your business and staff helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors who prefer to use either poor stock photography choices, or mobile phones when it comes to taking pictures in and of your Small Business. Circle Marketing’s photographers can make sure you have the professional look to coincide with your brand message, as well as connect with your customers and clients.

Portfolio Samples Containing Video Marketing:


  • Ray Lozano - Youth Speaker

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  • Krav Maga Alliance - John Whitman Testimonial for Circle Marketing

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  • USC Football - Ryan Abraham Testimonial for Circle Marketing

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  • 310 Science Math - Alex Testimonial for Circle Marketing

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  • Brett Ratner - Filmmaker & Director (<em>Rush Hour</em> series, <em>X-Men 3</em>)

    "I couldn't have done this project without you!" Brett Ratner Shooter Series

  • Moxie Strength + Nutrition - Jen Testimonial for Circle Marketing

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  • AFO MMA - Pete Testimonial for Circle Marketing

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  • "I cannot thank you enough for all your help on this trailer. It literally went from being just 'OK' to 'WOW!" Lakisha R. Lemons Border Break