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  • Krav Maga Alliance - Video Marketing - Commercial Promo
  • Krav Maga Alliance - Marketing Collateral - Flyers
  • Krav Maga Alliance - Content Creation - Facebook
  • Krav Maga Alliance - Video Marketing - Video Blogs
  • Krav Maga Alliance - Social Media Marketing - Facebook
  • Krav Maga Alliance - Photography Shoot


    The Client:

    Krav Maga Alliance is an international organization of Krav Maga affiliate schools headquartered in Los Angeles, CA at Alliance Culver City. Krav Maga is the self-defense system created by and taught to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Circle Marketing was hired by the head of both the Krav Maga Alliance organization, as well as the Alliance Culver City headquarters to handle almost every facet of their marketing. After finding success working together, a few other affiliate schools have also signed on to have Circle Marketing help them out in various ways, as well.

    The Work:

    With a monthly full-service marketing retainer, Circle Marketing is able to help the Krav Maga Alliance and Alliance Culver City with their monthly marketing requirements of Website Design & Development, Video Marketing (Commercials, Training Videos, Video Blogs), Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads), Social Media Marketing (Content Creation and Management), and other Small Business Marketing needs such as Email Marketing, Local SEO & Directory Management, Photo Shoots, and Publicity, just to name a few more.

    The Results:

    Since working with the Krav Maga Alliance and a few of their affiliate schools, we have seen overall increases in traffic, conversions, Search Engine Optimization listings, and of course overall awareness of the international organization as well as the local schools. AdWords Click-Through rates increased, Social Media followers have tripled, and traffic has steadily increased in both volume and quality. We look forward to continuing to provide bigger and better success for the entire Krav Maga Alliance!



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