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    The Client

    Rule Entertainment is a new company formed by Adrian Rule, author and event producer in Los Angeles, CA. Having written several short stories, and a couple novels, Adrian was looking to take her macabre brand to another level, and she chose themed film festival/masquerade parties to do it with, and Circle Marketing to help her.

    The Work

    Needing a full marketing package, Circle Marketing worked with Adrian and her team to help create all marketing materials, provide marketing consultation, and also help produce the first couple events. We provided almost every single one of our services to help out Rule Entertainment, which included websites for both Adrian rule the author, as well as her 4 Hour Film Festival brand. In addition, we produced and edited a few videos and dozens of advertising and marketing materials.

    The Results

    Being a new brand and business, the challenge was getting a large enough attendance for the first couple shows with zero brand recognition. Circle Marketing helped create a multi-layered marketing, advertising and publicity plan, which resulted in over 200 attendees at the first event, and about the same at the second. Right now, Rule Entertainment is on hiatus until the next spring 2015 event, and Adrian Rule is about to publish a new graphic novel.

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