Mobile Apps for Your Business: To App or Not To App?


Mobile Applications (or, Mobile Apps) are the newest, hottest thing. Every business wants to have a mobile app, and the future of business is going mobile. However, is creating a mobile application right for your business? Is your business the kind of business which will be able to better serve your clients and customers by giving them a mobile app?

Successful Mobile Apps are designed to do either of four things. They provide us with entertainment, information, connect, or enable us to make our lives a little easier. Let’s say you’re a chiropractor in Seattle. Making a mobile application about your company and services wouldn’t help anyone. Why would they want to put that App on their phone? However, think about creating an App which has some benefit to the downloader and user. Creating a Mobile App which helps inform people about common back pain issues, how to prevent those issues, and maybe even tie in some database information or videos which show preventative exercises or relief techniques, would be much more popular, and give people a reason to purchase the App (or at the very least, download it for free).

Apps are more for the entrepreneur who has ideas on how to make Apps either entertain, inform, connect, or improve their lives or help them become more efficient. The local paint shop having an App with a GPS map to their store and an auto-dial phone number is nice, but probably won’t be worth the money it costs to create the App. However, if that painter provided a Pantone color chart, and some tips on how to paint your rooms and/or house, now you’re giving people a reason to download the App. An idea for them would be to set up some affiliate accounts with paint suppliers and give the user the ability to buy paint straight off their phone. Now, you’re thinking about monetization and how to get a return on your investment.

Action Item: Do you have an idea for an App? Is your company large enough to have many tech-savvy customers who would want to download your App, have it on their phone, and voluntarily use it from time to time? What ways could you provide an App to your customer base which would be worth the investment to create the App?

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