Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies Make Everything Possible [VIDEO]


In the video above, there is a mention that “everything is possible with the right strategy.” This is an empowering and important thought. Tony Robbins, the great DIY business owner and self-help guru said once that “Success Leaves Breadcrumbs.” This essentially means that there are any number of steps one can take to achieve the same, or similar success another has experienced. One just needs to know how to find where those breadcrumbs are, how to track them, and which path of breadcrumbs is the right path of breadcrumbs for your small business, and for your business strategy. Whatever it is you want to accomplish can be accomplished; and probably already has been accomplished. If anyone can do it, then you can do it.

Not to get to self-help on you, here’s where we will steer this back to the small business world. Your business has a goal. If not, then that’s the first thing you should do. Stop reading this and figure out what your goal is. One year, Five Year, Ten Year, Exit Strategy. Figure out the major milestones you want to hit in your business. These will probably change over time, but you need to know where you want to go before you start driving the car…or you might not end up where you might like.

Now that you have the goals for your business established, consider what other businesses out there have already accomplished what you want. Now, they don’t have to be the same exact business. For example, maybe you want to take your fast Italian food restaurant and create a nationwide franchise chain. You can look at Olive Garden’s path, but you might not align with them. Maybe you’re more like Starbucks, or Chipotle. It helps to stick to your general business category, but you don’t have to model Sbarro if it’s not how you would like to proceed. Modeling a completely other company, though, like Lowe’s, won’t help you either.

Now that you have your model, just do your research. Follow them through their social networks, discover their history through search engine inquiries, maybe their founder has written a book or had a book written about them, and start mapping out what steps they took. Now, obviously, you don’t need to go and talk to the same exact people they did, or use their exact literal timeline; but looking at their successful strategy can help you chart your own course.

Another way to follow breadcrumbs is to read books written by other successful business owners who might not be in your field, hire a small business marketing consultant to help you create your marketing strategy, and educate yourself on the general concepts and strategies of business growth on different levels. This will help you see the similarities across businesses and help you realize what works on not just different levels, but all levels.

For example, Circle Marketing’s model was created using a combination of the following models: Richard Branson, Chet Holmes, Michael Port, and Godfrey Parkin, as well as the various experts we all have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years and learning by the trial and error of the hundreds of businesses we have all been involved with, helped, or consulted. When you combine all the elements together, and do your research and planning, you can develop your very own and very effective small business marketing strategy which not only is right for your exact company, but the very foundations were rooted in and proved through the success of your models, mentors, and those you aspire to equal (or eclipse) in the world of business.

Share with us below, who you would like to model, and maybe some resources which you have found helpful when doing your research! We would love to learn what worked for you!

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