Build Your Business Through Partnerships and Affiliations


A great way to create more revenue streams is by offering to partner up with other companies who aren’t your direct competition, but are in your field. For example, a printer should definitely partner up with a website design company. A dog walker could partner up with a few pet supply stores in their area. The possibilities are limited only by the extent of your imagination.

When you partner with other business and/or people, you can increase each other’s exposure, and hopefully provide even more value to your customers by offering more services through your partnerships. You can do this by trading e-mail list offers. Note: Do NOT trade actual eMail lists, or compromise the privacy of your eMail list subscribers. Trade messaging, sent by the owner of the list, not by the new partner. Make sure you’re offering these new services as a newly added benefit part to the existing ones, and don’t come across as spam or just in it for the money because that will hurt both reputations. Your side, and the side of your partners. Make sure all your marketing efforts are done so with the utmost respect for your valuable customers.

Action Item: What businesses are in the same business category, but aren’t in direct competition with you? Do you already have existing relationships with some of these businesses and their owners? What ways can you increase your new affiliate partner’s business offerings to provide more value to that business’ customers?

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