Marketing Consultation

You understand you have a need for some marketing help from an expert. Some Small Business owners either don’t think they have the money, or take too much pride in doing everything themselves in their business, so they never seek the help they need and as a result rarely achieve the results they need. Here is where Circle Marketing steps in and thrives. We specialize in effective and efficient strategies which help Small Business owners gain the type of insight and long-game thinking required for success, in the near future, and how to keep growing over time! We work with you to develop your very own Marketing Road Map which will chart a very detailed course for your business. The Marketing Road Map also comes with regular Marketing Consultation calls with one of our marketing consultants.

We will take a look at your previous history with marketing and what sales figures you’re currently generating. We will then discuss your goals, and how long it will realistically take to get you there in easy, honest terms. The Marketing Road Map and Marketing Consultations will help guide you through every step of the process, offer advice and basic technical assistance, and stay with you through the duration of the marketing process if you so desire.

For this kind of service, there are individual expert consultants and large marketing companies offering packages five times more expensive (sometimes even higher) than Circle Marketing for the same exact service and quality Circle Marketing offers. It is easily the best offer for a Small Business owner who is willing and able to do their own marketing, but understands the need for expert guidance throughout the process to maximize results and return-on-investment.

Contact Us to discuss your needs, and we can get started today on building the business you want and deserve!