Our Process

Circle Marketing Process

This is the intro paragraph talking about how amazing and flawless Circle Marketing’s process is. This is how we are the best in teh business and other things that need to be written a bit later on after development. So, right now this is real life Lorem Ispsum copy. Whatever it is, be it a website, video commericial, advertisements, etc…you need all three simple phases to have success.

Step 1: Discovery & Strategy

Here’s where we talk about doing something really cool and important. This is where we talk to you and think about things and not just grab a theme and say whatever.

Step 2: Implementation

Talk is cheap. Action speaks. Here is where we show the future client that we now execute the plan with flawless perfection, and how much better it is now that you have a plan and a course of action and can now just go to work and follow it. Much more efficient.

Step 3: Reports & Refinement

Instead of just calling it a day, we have to check the work, make sure it’s correct, and then submit the work to search engines for crawling and indexing and then do a 360 report post-launch to make sure everything is working fine and there are no missed bugs even after the QA/QC phase.

We would love to have you go through this process, so fill out the form below, and let us know how we can help you with your small business marketing needs!