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Moggy Foggy - Jenn Testimonial for Circle Marketing "Circle Marketing played a very key role in the launching of our brand! Circle Marketing immersed themselves in our business from day one, provided top notch customer service and helped build a strong base for our future growth. Our social media fan base grew by 15x fold! If you are looking for a team that will show as much passion for your business as you do, call Circle Marketing!" Jenn B. Moggy Foggy

The Brief

MoggyFoggy is a dog culture website for dog owners. More than the average community, however, MoggyFoggy is for those dog owners who feel a closer than average connection with their pets. Moggy stands for “Mother of a Doggy” and Foggy stands for, you guessed it, “Father of a Doggy.”

MoggyFoggy was run by three very smart and creative individuals. The partners had the basic Website built and the general brand concept was already established. What they were lacking in was knowing how to use Social Media Marketing effectively to increase their brand awareness and website, and how to increase traffic and “stickiness” on their site. Also, the partners wanted to leverage the unique ability to take the day before Mother’s Day and make it “Moggy’s Day” to honor females who owned a doggy. Likewise, the day before Father’s Day would be for those males who owned a doggy. There was 9 months to build a large following to enhance the brand awareness for MoggyFoggy.

The Solution

Circle Marketing’s solution for MoggyFoggy was a multi-pronged campaign. First, we had to establish very quickly who the MoggyFoggy brand was speaking to, and how we could communicate an admittedly layered and detailed brand concept in simple terms. Circle Marketing came up with copy, Social Media posts and content, and a Website restructuring to make the brand more ready for increased and steady growth.

As a way to have content added constantly to the MoggyFoggy website, we used a similar model to some of the popular sports portals, which was to ask dog owners to come on and volunteer to be regular contributors to the Website. Rather than trying to build a message board community, bringing in a dog owner to be a regular site blogger would enable the three partners to not have to write or pay for all the content needed to start building social traction and social sharing. Of course, the challenge was to find volunteers with content creation and decent writing skills, of course, which we did.

Also, the real life portion of the social plan was to arrange to have these dog loving writers volunteer to arrange a Moggy’s Day event which would be co-sponsored by a local dog-centric business (or businesses). The events would all post per the location of the Moggy’s Day dog park event which would bring out the site members, visitors, and fans. This would eventually create a close community of Moggys and Foggys, and also increase publicity and awareness for the growing brand. The same steps would be repeated for Foggy’s Day about a month later.

The Results

MoggyFoggy was still growing both their Social Media following and contributors, and embarking on many new revenue models to keep building the value of the brand and community when they were approached to sell some of the company!

Circle Marketing has greatly increased MoggyFoggy’s Facebook Page “Likes” with a total increase of over 1,000%. The company is now in new hands under new brand management, after the partners sold the company, and we wish everyone all the best!

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