Eklectic Interiors

The Brief

Eklectic Interiors is a high quality interior design service run by Diana Deitrick. Eklectic Interiors offers not only Interior Design services, but also Home Staging and brand new state-of-the-art Virtual Design solutions as well. Eklectic Interiors had a blog site which didn’t match their business cards, and had business cards which didn’t match the business’ personality, brand, or class. Like most small business owners, Diana saw that in order to grow her business, she need everything to be better strategized, more uniform, and have a marketing expert’s help.

The Solution

Circle Marketing worked with Diana on the new brand, and what that would be and represent. We also re-designed  a completely new Website. What was missing, however, was that additional revenue stream. Since Diana was only one person right now, who was growing her business, she needed to be able to service as many customers as possible. We helped her create a Virtual Designer business model for her site, where she can have customers connect with her electronically, through her website. Now, Diana can help provide interior design services to anyone, anywhere!

The Result

Eklectic Interiors is now one of the few Interior Designers who have the ability and the infrastructure to service customers all over the world through their innovative Virtual Design feature where customers can interact with Diana and her staff to help improve their living or working space.

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