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The Brief

D.G. Lewis is an author who wrote a relationship book and workbook (“Healthy Relationships for Couples“) as a tribute to his dear deceased wife. They had the perfect relationship, even they they were seemingly very different people. After her passing, D.G. Lewis fell back on his professional analytical training and dove into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of research to discover and create a system to determine what makes relationships outstanding. The challenge would be to do the tribute justice by creating a brand which would help communicate that perfect relationship and invite other to learn how they could experience that fairy tale love for themselves.

The Solution

Circle Marketing was humbled and honored to be asked to take on such an important project. Since not many potential readers would be familiar with D.G. Lewis, we initially went to work on the branding, messaging, and E-Book cover artwork to start with a strong identity and base. This project was more than just a book, it’s an entire system with exercises, videos, members’ exclusive area of the website, and also algorithmic quizes to help analyze where anyone’s relationship could be identified as an area of need. In order to be inviting, not intimidating, Circle Marketing chose to go with friendly language for the messaging, but not shy away that this revolutionary system was a “smart approach.” We felt that wrapping the formula in a warm and friendly shell would help increase conversions and ease people into the new effective system they were about to learn and apply in their own lives.

The Results

The E-Book and website was just launched, but sales have already been coming in. Circle Marketing is also handling all publicity and social outreach for the E-Book and brand, so we are starting to see movement, reviews, and increased website activity as well. We will keep updating these results as we have more information to share how we are continuously helping D.G. Lewis’ readers improve their relationships, through selling more E-Book and Workbook companions, as well as monthly Memberships to password-protected website material.

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